Stopping crime and preventing the causes

Domestic and Family Violence is a scourge on our community and one Nikki is a constant advocate on. Since being elected Nikki has secured a dedicated office in Strathpine to support victims of domestic violence and has seen the extension of the Partnership Response at Domestic Occurrences (PRADO) locally. Funding from the Palaszczuk government has also resulted in specialised services and programs available at the Strathpine Court House.

Nikki believes the law should be applied equally and not disadvantage any one group, that’s why she proud to be part of a government that tackles organised crime in all its forms. Equity before the law is a key democratic freedom.

Since elected Nikki proudly sponsors the Rotary Police Officer of the Year Award recognising the outstanding community service from a local officer.

Nikki served on the committee that examined body warn cameras for officers and is a big advocate for measures that make workplaces safer and offer protections.

Project Booyah has been a great success in Pine Rivers turning around the lives of 28 young at risk youth. Nikki has advocated strongly for more funding for the project and has secured $7 million over 5 years for the project.