Nikki has been a part of the Pine Rivers community her whole adult life.

The lifestyle, diversity and opportunity of the Pine Rivers area made it the place Nikki and her husband chose to settle and start their family.

Nikki has dedicated her working life to looking after others and fighting for a fair go for everyone in our society – particularly those who are forgotten or marginalised. From the start of her working life as an Early Childhood Educator to advocating on behalf of some of Queensland’s most essential workers – Nikki has always been a voice for those who need it most.

These values are the focus of her work as the member for Pine Rivers. Nikki has advocated for Early Childhood Educators, Aged Care and Health Professionals through her work with her union, the United Workers Union. She now serves as the Assistant Minister for Health.

Our community is facing a time of great challenge and we need jobs not cuts. Nikki is the voice we need fighting for us. Only Nikki and Labor deliver for our schools and roads in Pine Rivers and only Nikki and Labor can be trusted with our health system and to support new local jobs.

Committed to putting Pine Rivers first, Nikki is fighting for a better future for our community.