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Life-saving traffic tech for Pine Rivers

December 06, 2019

Award-winning technology which automatically triggers green lights for specially equipped emergency vehicles has been rolled out at 31 intersections in Pine Rivers.

Member for Pine Rivers Nikki Boyd said Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP) technology had been progressively installed at intersections in Pine Rivers managed by Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

“The system gives our first responders priority over other road users, when timing is critical and it’s safe to do so,” Ms Boyd said.

“Whether it’s fire fighters, an ambulance crew, or police, this important and innovative technology can mean the difference between life and death with a reduction of around 26 percent in emergency response times.

“EVP demonstrates the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to smart technology for safer Pine Rivers roads.

“For emergency workers in our region using EVP-enabled vehicles, this award-winning and life-saving technology gives the Moreton Bay Region’s first responders that extra help they need to do what they do best.

“If technology helps to reduce road trauma in our region then it’s a worthwhile investment in safety for local motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.”

Following a trial on the Gold Coast in 2015, EVP transponders have been fitted to most of Queensland’s emergency services fleet and the technology installed to 2,270 of the 2,350 state-managed intersections by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said additional technology known as Hold the Red was currently being evaluated at four intersections in the South East to anticipate red light runners.

“Trials are showing promise in reducing T-bone collisions by calculating the likelihood of a vehicle running a red light and stopping other vehicles and pedestrians from entering the intersection by holding opposing traffic signals in an all-red phase,” Mr Bailey said.

“In just six months of testing at four intersections, Hold the Red was activated on 6,000 occasions to prevent numerous crashes and casualties.

“We’ve made enormous gains over the years in reducing road trauma with new technologies having real potential to help reach the Palaszczuk Government’s goal of eliminating Queensland’s road toll.”

TMR has partnered with the Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to roll out life-saving system across Queensland.

The TMR and PSBA developed technology has won several awards, including:

• Hall of Fame award, Local Government category in October 2015 at the International ITS Congress held in Bordeaux, France.
• State Government Initiatives, and Founder’s award for Outstanding Achievement at the 2016 Australian Road Safety Awards.
• ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) award, Australian Government category in November 2014 for the successful Emergency Vehicle Priority implementation on Samford Road, Brisbane.

Locations include: 

  1. Old North Rd & Lavarack Rd
  2. Leitches and Bult / French
  3. Old North Rd & Samsonvale Rd
  4. Old North Rd and Everest St
  5. Old North and Stanley
  6. Kensington and Sovereign
  7. South Pine & Leitchs
  8. Samsonvale Rd and Livingstone St
  9. Samsonvale Rd and Kensington Way
  10. Samsonvale Rd and Symphony Ave
  11. South Pine & Kremzow / Centenary
  12. Gympie & South Pine
  13. Gympie & Learmonth
  14. Gympie & Samsonvale / Bells Pocket
  15. Gympie & Kremzow/Centenary
  16. Gympie & Buckby
  17. Gympie & Stanley
  18. Gympie & Todds
  19. South Pine & Duntroon
  20. Kremzow and Leitchs
  21. Sth Pine-Linkfield & ScoutsXing/Nolan
  22. Samsonvale and Sparkes
  23. Old North and Kremzow
  24. Samsonvale and Lavarack
  25. Old North Road and Brisbane Road
  26. Old North & Russet Burbank
  27. Learmonth St and Proposed Office’ (partially commissioned)
  28. Gympie Rd & Francis Rd
  29. Kremzow and Doherty/Matte St
  30. Gympie & Mecklem
  31. Gympie Road Ped Xing (Leis Pde)