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Boyd calls on Energex to protect local customers

November 02, 2018

Representatives of the Residents Committee at the complex, which is located in Price Court, initially contacted Energex with a request for the box to be shifted to a safer location as it is currently located dangerously close to a unit driveway, without any safety protections.

Nikki Boyd MP, State Member for Pine Rivers, is calling on Energex to put community safety first and relocate an electrical connection box which is dangerously located at the Strathpine Gardens Unit Complex in Strathpine.

Ms Boyd was contacted by residents after persistent contact with Energex, who have refused to pay for the cost of moving the box.

The siting and installation of the box was first approved by Energex in 1992 when the units were initially built.

"Energex agree the box is in an unsafe position, but have refused to either move or protect the existing box by installing a protective barrier. Energex have instead advised that all costs incurred in relocating the box would need to be borne by the customer or the Body Corporate of the complex. I understand that cost to be in the vicinity of some $15,000. This is not acceptable"

"I have visited the site of the offending box, and it is out of alignment with the others located in the complex and devoid of any safety protections. Its positioning defies common sense".

"The pillar is an impediment to traffic in and out of the complex, and poses a general safety issue to all of the tenants" said Ms Boyd.

"On behalf of the residents, I call on Energex to do the right thing, listen to community concerns and take responsibility to relocate the box, thereby ensuring the safety of all owners, tenants and visitors to the complex" said Ms Boyd.

"To the average person, the box appears to be located on the roadway".

"The box is directly located by the driveway and makes accessing the carport of the closest resident a very dangerous manoeuvre, not to mention posing an obstruction to all residents and motorists."