Strathpine State School Safe Collection Zone Petition

We the undersigned call on Minister Grace Grace to prioritise planning and construction of a fit-for-purpose drop-off/pick-up zone for the Strathpine State School community to create a safer environment:

I want to provide the safest environment for our kids as they make their way to and from school.

I need your help to deliver a safe, fit-for-purpose drop-off/pick-up zone for students at Strathpine State School.

Regardless of whether the 480 school students are walking, using active transport or getting dropped off at the school gate- a designated drop zone will result in less hazards and congestion throughout the neighbourhood and create a safer space for all.

Many school communities are currently lobbying the Palaszczuk Government to get funding for similar projects. To prioritise ours, I have joined with the school community to petition to make our voice even louder.