Save our penalty rates

All of my  life, I have stood up for fairness.

As a workplace union delegate: for fair recognition and pay for the child care and early education workforce.

As a union official: for dignity at work for aged care, against the Howard Government Workchoices and for public health and public power and rail systems.

And as your MP I am fighting for a fair go for our community - even if that means confronting other levels of Government when they let us down.

I never thought we would have to fight to protect something as fundamental to our way of life as the Australian weekend.

"Penalty rates" recognise the value of your weekend for family and recreation time. In a 24/7 society, isn't it nice to have something to remind us to slow down?

If you agree with me - I ask you to sign on to this petition in support of your weekend.

You can find out more here:

Petition to Peter Dutton MP, Federal Member for Dickson.

Please stand up for my penalty rates in our Australian Parliament.

I call on you to legislate to preserve my penalty rates.