Duplicate Linkfield Rd now

The state government is ready to take action on on duplicating the Linkfield Rd overpass but we can't do it alone! Major infrastructure projects require support from Federal governments. We are committed to upgrading north-bound on-ramps at Linkfield Rd and have funding ready to go for a full overpass duplication of Linkfield Rd announced in our last budget.

Our community can't wait until 2026 - sign my petition to tell Scott Morrison and the Federal LNP government to help us upgrade Linkfield Rd now!

Infrastructure Spending

The Government needs to bring infrastructure funding foward on vital projects like the Linkfield Rd upgrade to ease congestion and boost local jobs.

Posted by Anika Wells MP on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

MP for Lilley, Anika Wells, talking about Linkfield Rd

In the 2019 Federal election, both Labor and the LNP committed to fund a duplication of the Linkfield Rd overpass. The Labor federal commitment would have delivered $100 million in the first term of a Labor government, the LNP commitment would deliver $100 million at some point in the future. The assumption from the Federal government budget papers was that this funding would come through some time after 2022. What we now know is that the Federal LNP government will have zero dollars for Linkfield Rd until 2026!

Current funding profile:

Source: Parliamentary hansard.